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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a reborn?

A ‘reborn’ is a doll that looks and feels incredibly realistic - just like a real baby!

How is this realism achieved?

A doll or a doll kit is painstakingly and meticulously transformed from a blank canvas into a ‘reborn’ by a number of processes.

Numerous very thin layers of heat set Genesis paints are applied to build up a realistic skin tone. Further blushing, veining, and mottling techniques are used to recreate the translucent skin tone of a newborn infant. Tiny broken capillaries on the eyelids, baby scratches, stork bites and milk spots can be added to achieve the ultimate in realism. Each tiny finger and toe nail is coloured, tipped and sealed for that ‘freshly clipped’ look and ‘moisture’ is added to the corners of the mouth, eyes and nostrils for even more realism.

Will the paint rub off?

No. Heat set Genesis paints are permanent and will not fade or rub off.

What is micro rooting?

Micro rooting is a painstaking and time consuming process which involves directionally inserting one tiny hair at a time into the doll’s scalp using a very fine gauge needle. It takes days to micro root one head of hair but the effect is stunning- there are no ugly plugs of hair on my babies –just beautiful hair which follows the natural hair growth pattern!

What is the crown?

The crown is the swirl of hair that all babies have towards the back of their head.

I directionally micro root a crown on all my babies, so even when the hair is dry, they still have a definite swirly crown! Just another level of realism that I like to add to my babies.

What kind of hair do you use?

I only use the best Premium Angora mohair from the best suppliers. This hair is shiny and beautifully soft, just like a real baby’s!

Can I style my baby’s hair?

Yes. It can be gently styled and spritzed.

What fillings do you put in your babies?

I only use the best fillings: tender touch ‘baby fat’, poly pellets, ultra fine glass beads, non rusting steel shot and soft fibre fill.

Is there any sand in your babies?

No, absolutely not – so they can be posted worldwide.

Can I pose my baby in different positions?

Yes. All my babies come with a high quality jointed body so you can pose your baby in many different positions. As the head is weighted, you will also need to support the head just as you would with a real baby!

Does the baby contain magnets?

I usually give my babies a magnetic dummy/pacifier. Care must be taken around electrical equipment and people fitted with a pacemaker as the magnets are very strong. I can remove the magnets if requested.

What size clothes does the baby wear?

The baby wears real 0 -3 month baby clothes and will arrive home with a pretty layette, a talcum powder scented nappy, a dummy/pacifier (unless otherwise requested) care instructions and a birth certificate.

How long does it take for a ‘custom’ reborn to be made?

It usually takes about 3 -4 weeks after receiving cleared payment.

How much will my ‘custom reborn’ cost?

 Prices for ‘Custom Reborns’ vary, depending on which optional extras you may wish to choose. Please contact me for details.

How do I pay for my new baby?

I accept payments via PayPal, cheque or postal order in British pounds sterling.

International buyers must pay by PayPal only.


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